Friday, January 25, 2013

Makeup Tutorial soon!

OMG you guys. I'm totally sorry that I haven't really posted anything lately. I promise I'm gonna post a makeup tutorial soon. If you guys wanted to know how to do a specific look you could just comment below and I will gladly take up the offer. If not then I'll just do like a simple everyday look or like a dark lip look (which is actually what I'm raving about lately). So, yeah, hope you guys are doing good and I'll put that up soon!


  1. Hi , could you post a tutorial of a simple everyday look ? also if you could post one about what makeup I should use if I want my skin to look whiter?

    1. I'll do the everyday look then.
      I don't know about the making your skin look whiter one because I think that everybody looks good just with whatever skin color they have. But yeah, thank you for the suggestion.