Monday, December 17, 2012

Gift wrapping on a budget DIY

Lately I've been pretty busy with college, Aiden and well,  Christmas. I finally got around to buying gifts (all below 10 dollars) last week, but the money wasn't enough to wrap them so I had to improvise. In this post I'm gonna show you how to gift wrap on a budget!

First you're gonna need three main objects. 1. stick glue 2. a pair of scissors 3. magazine paper

Ok, so you begin by cutting three long lines (as long as the paper) then tree lines a little shorter than those, and then two even shorter than those three, until you finally cut one more a little shorter then those two.

Then you take the first long strip and apply the stick glue on the end.
After applying the glue you curl the paper like so
Then you basically do the same to the other side so that it ends up looking like this:

Ok, so you do that to all the strips except for the last little one. That one goes like this:

They're all supposed to look like this: 
And after you've done all that, you begin by applying glue on the back of the first long strip like so:
Then you place it on top of another long strip so that it looks like this:
You're gonna keep doing that with all the other strips in order from longest to shortest.
Now for the little strip. You're going to glue it on right in the middle of your almost bow.


I know that obviously you can't just add a bow on an object and call it a gift so now comes the second part. You just need your bow and a paper bag.
You put your gift inside the paper bag and just close it and tape the bow to the closing part. Trust me. It'll look good. Also, if your gifts are too big you can use brown paper or if you're as lucky as I am you might have some gift wrapping paper lying around so just wrap your gift and add your bow! Here's are some pictures of my tree so that you have an idea of what it might look like. (I know I have a puny tree, but I mean this is a post about money saving through the holidays)


Sunday, December 9, 2012

An afternoon at the park.

 We took Aiden on his first trip to the park. We went on the swings and he got on a bouncy fire truck. He had such a good time that I think that we might celebrate his birthday at that park. 

 ps. I'm going to be posting a DIY really soon!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally getting started...

So I've been wanting to do this blog for a very long time, but I just couldn't come up with anything to say. Today I finally know what to say.

First off my name is Carla Vita. I live in Puerto Rico with my boyfriend and baby boy, Aiden, who is actually about to turn 1 in a month. I attend cosmetology school and I love it. Hair and makeup aren't my only passions. I adore movies and fashion too. But I have to say that my biggest passion is Aiden. Nothing compares to him. 

That brings me to my current situation, like I said, Aiden's birthday is in a month and I don't have anything planned. The only thing I have is the people that I'm going to invite. Anyways, between school and home I completely lost track of time and now I don't even know where it's going to be or what the theme is going to be. I obviously have themes that I would want to work with, but they're pretty difficult because they don't really sell things with the themes. Oh, I forgot to tell you the themes I had in mind. 

I had thought about Yellow Submarine because I'm a huge Beatles fan:

But then I saw Wreck It Ralph with my boyfriend and we came up with the brilliant idea of a vintage Nintendo Party with like 8 bit video game characters:

The other themes we like: Ugly Dolls (because I just think they're so funny and cute), Star Wars (My boyfriend and I are the biggest fans), Sesame Street (Aiden LOVES Elmo)

I know he won't remember it or anything but I just can't believe my baby's turning 1! I want it to be EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA special!